• Artisan Quality/Pure Leaf Teas/Fresh
  • Brews 55 Cups
  • Origin:

Hunan, China renowned for both their aroma and appearance, Jasmine Pearls are a fine representative of the art of Chinese handcrafted teas.

  • Choicest Leaves:

In making Jasmine Pearls only the choicest leaves of the tea plant are used. After plucking, the leaves are 'withered' on traditional bamboo trays to reduce their moisture, making them supple and condusive for hand rolling. Mature leaves are then removed leaving only the newly sprouted bud and its long stem.

  • Handrolling

The technique for handrolling pearls takes years to master. Using a soft cotton paper, the top bud stem are gently twisted between the thumb and index finger into a small 'pearl' shape. After firing over low heat, each pearl is removed from the paper. One pound of tea is composed of nearly 2000 pearls.

  • Jasmine Infusion

In the summer, when Jasmine flowers are at their most fragrant, the pearls are scented overnight in a room with thousands of blossoms. High grade Jasmine Pearls undergo this process at least five times.

  • Sweet Fragrance

Jasmine is by far one of the sweetest, most soothing aromatic flowers. Jasmine Pearls capture this essence in every brewed cup.

  • Suggested Use

Steep one level teaspoon of pearls in eight ounces of pure spring or filtered water of 175F for four minutes. Provides at least three infusions.

  • Other Ingredients

Green tea leaves, jasmine flowers.

  • Artisan Quality/Pure Leaf Teas /Fresh
  • Brews 50 Cups
  • Kosher Origin Blend Ginger Peach is a blend of fine black tea, dried ginger, calendula flower petals and natural peach essence. Together, they blend to make a refreshing tea that can be enjoyed either warm or iced. Full Leaf Specialty Black Representing orthodox manufacture, whereby the leaf is hand-plucked and maintains an unbroken appearance, the tea leaves for this blend are selected fresh during the growing seasons of the year.
  • Peach Native to China and India, Peach has its roots in Persia, Greece and Spain. In the 16th century, it became cultivated in America. Peaches are low in calories and a good source of healthy carbohydrates. Peaches also contain antioxidants (stimulate the immune system) and flavonoids (proven to protect against disease). Ginger We use dried ginger root with mildly spicy flavor undertones to balance the sweet lushness of peach in this blend. Ginger is known to be a good remedy for digestive problems. Flavor Profile Sweet, rich, smooth taste. Full bodied brew, without astringency.
  • Artisan Quality/Fresh/100% Organic/Pure Leaf Teas/USDA Organic
  • Brews 60 Cups
  • Made In Summer
  • Origin:

Anhui, China grand Qimen is grown in the Qimen tea county of Anhui 'Peaceful Emblem' province. Anhui is home to the world famous 'Huang Shan' or 'Yellow Mountains'. These serene mountains are artists for their great beauty. Anhui's complex physical topography includes the Huai River in the South. There are alternating areas of plains, hills, mountains, and lakes.

  • Cuppa's Delight

Considered to be the premier representative of black teas from China, Qimen has been widely used in the English Breakfast' blend, known for its hearty robustness and full body.

  • Flavor Profile

Qimen has a full bodied, fragrant, sweet flavor similar to red roses. The tea can be enjoyed by itself or paired with milk.

  • Suggested Use

Brewing Qimen
Brew one teaspoon of leaf in eight ounces of pure spring or filtered water at 185F for four minutes.

  • Artisan Quality/Pure Leaf Teas/Fresh
  • Brews 80 Cups
  • Origin:Anhui Province, China.

Also known as'Meigui Hongcha', Rose Petal Black is a blend of the popular Chinese black tea 'Keemun' and fragrant red rose petals.

  • Robust Keemun:

The small leaf tea from Qimen county of Anhui province is best known as the main ingredient for the popular 'English Breakfast' blends.

  • Red Rose Petals:

Although there is a whole universe of rose varieties and flavors, the ideal for combining with Keemun are the red roses native to Qimen county. They have a distinct, sweet, cooling aroma that lends great balance to the blend.

  • Pairing:

Rose Petal Black pairs well with slightly spicy and oily foods. It also makes a good iced tea. One of our favorite recipes is to prepare a sauce from Rose Petal Black and pour it over vanilla ice cream.

  • Best Season:

Late Summer is ideal for blending Rose Petal Black. This is when the flowers are in full bloom and at their most fragrant. Since it is a hardy black tea, it holds up well over the months.

  • Suggested Use

Brew one level teaspoons of leaf in eight ounces of pure spring or filtered water at 185° F for four minutes.